Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Married for 3075 days

About Us


JonJon is a beardie-weirdie old hippy type of creature who loves real ale, rock music and Anne.


AnneAnne is a marshmallowy, pigletty type of creature who loves stripes, cats and Jon.

How we met...

A long time ago in a Geography department far, far away......

The proposal...

On our tenth anniversary we were lucky enough to visit Krakow in Poland. It was our very first holiday alone together and we loved every last piwo and pierogie! What made it even more special though, was when, during a beautiful horse drawn carriage ride around the old town, Jon got down on one knee and asked Anne to marry him...and then asked Anne to help him back up again, because getting down on one knee is no mean feat in a horse drawn carriage on cobbles :)