Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Married for 3075 days

Gift List

Hello there sweetie pies!

Thank you for coming to look at our gifty list.

We have chosen to place our list with Amazon because it's such an established and reliable internet company and it gave us access to a huge variety of lovely things from different sellers; it also gives the option, if you would prefer, to purchase vouchers.

More than anything, please, don't feel obliged to buy anything. It is genuinely much more important to us that you're there on the day to celebrate with us and we all know that in itself costs money.

However, if you would like to get us something, well that would be just lovely and so very very much appreciated :)

TTFN and Much love, Anne & Jon (Stripeycat and Voodoo) xxx

We have arranged a gift list at the following :

Amazon, with ID 2N9RNCY5A2TR6 . Please visit our page at Amazon for more information.