Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Married for 3075 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Just a little nod to the wonderful people we have around us...

Best Man
Keeping Jon calm and carrying on...

Tim Coveney
Tim CoveneyBest friend and King of the wild frontier

Giving the bride away
Walking Anne down the aisle and trying not to trip over...

Graham Gourlay
Graham GourlayBest friend and King of the Blarney

Keeping Anne calm and carrying on...

Shaz Williams
Shaz WilliamsBest friend, Small blue elephant and incredible international planning jetsetter

The best Usher in the world ever
Directions and the craic...

Sean Fairhurst
Sean FairhurstBest text bud and King of the 'Rith. Who loves ya baby?

Two of our dearest friends have very kindly agreed to do the readings during our wedding ceremony

Ellie Pollock
Ellie PollockReading 'I rely on you' by Hovis Presley
Alex Lattin
Alex LattinReading 'To my valentine' by Ogden Nash

Jon's parents
The Mother and Father of the groom, Mr+Mrs B.

Malcolm Bloor
Malcolm BloorJon's Pops
Veronica Bloor
Veronica BloorJon's Mum

Anne's parents
The now sadly no longer with us and very much missed, Mother and Father of the bride, Mr+Mrs N.

George Newman
George NewmanAnne's dearly missed Dad
Pat Newman
Pat NewmanAnne's dearly missed Mom