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Question 1 - We are having a live band at the evening reception. For the in-between times, we will be choosing and compiling an iPod playlist....so this is your chance to request and suggest songs....chart trash and boyband crap not applicable!

Full list of responses:
Alex : BEATLES!!!!!
Lynne : Morrissey!
Big JB : James Blunt ... No, seriously, Mr Z!
Ellie Pollock : The Cure - The Lovecats
Ellie Pollock : Any Levellers
Ellie Pollock : Any Stuffies
Ellie Pollock : Credit to the Nation
Janette Pollock : Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World
Nicki : Sure Mum would enjoy the Birdie Song!!!
Harri Mead : Start Wearing Purple!!
Barnypok : srFNdm
GoldenTabs : MtNyk

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