Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Married for 3110 days

Our Wedding

image Hello there sweetie pies!
We've set this little page up to help with all those twiddly bits of information that you might need, like travel and accommodation.
You can also RSVP online and there's even a little gallery for after the big day where you can add any photographs you've taken.
We'll also be adding some details about the ceremony and reception so you know who's where and what's what, so to speak.
I'll also do my best to include a few details about us and some of the lovely people who are helping us get this show on the road.
TTFN, Much love,
Anne & Jon (Stripeycat and Voodoo) xxx

The Wedding

Find out how Anne and Jon met, and what will happen on the big day.

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RSVP online, book your hotel, browse the gift list, get directions to the venue and choose your own wedding music!

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Help us re-live the wedding day by uploading your photos to our shared photo album and writing in our guestbook.

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